Adhesive solution
for trains

Developing self-adhesive films for the railway industry

Over the past 10 years, HEXIS has been developing a complete range in accordance with international standards for the railway industry. Based on this experience, we provide you with just the right offering to promote and protect your brand and equipment.  

Benefits of HEXIS adhesive solutions for the railway industry  

HEXIS provides solutions for all your adhesive projects: renovations, paint substitutes and train coveringsBenefits range from unlimited designs and enhanced brand perception to fast and cost-effective maintenance, anti-graffiti protection and more. 


Adhesive solution
for public transport

Self-adhesive films for public transport 

HEXIS adhesive solutions fully meet manufacturers’ specifications, from product characteristics to technical constraints. A real alternative to paint, our self-adhesive films enable unlimited, fully reversible customisation – cost-effectively and fast 

Protecting and customising vehicles 

Use our printable or coloured films to personalise your vehicles and boost your visual identity, demonstrating quality and performance. What is more, HEXIS protective films ensure durability and peace of mind.


Adhesive decoration solutions

Self-adhesive films for decoration and design

A real alternative to paint, our self-adhesive films enable unlimited, fully reversible customisation – cost-effectively and fast. Our solutions meet manufacturers’ specifications from product characteristics to technical constraints.

Solutions for your architectural projects

Our architectural finishes let you create the elegant touch of natural materials at minimum expense, achieving flawless results faster than with conventional renovation. Find out more about our HEX’PERIENCE concept.


Adhesive solution
for aviation

Developing self-adhesive films for the aviation industry

HEXIS develops patented self-adhesive films specifically for the aviation industry, supporting both technical markings and aircraft customisation by means of interior and exterior decoration.

Technology and know-how ‘Made in France’

From technical specifications to lab tests, our teams will bring to your aviation projects all the technical skills and know-how required by this demanding industry.


Boat wrap

Wrapping boat hulls

Wrapping boat hulls is a durable and cost-effective solution for protecting and customising boats. Aesthetically appealing, it offers a true alternative to paint.

Protecting boat hulls

HEXIS ensures lasting protection with the best solution for each of your boats.
Our self-adhesive boat films are designed for professionals in boat protection and boat decoration.


HEXIS is committed

HEXIS is committed to achieving and guaranteeing state-of-the-art products and services in terms of quality, safety, environmental performance and energy efficiency.

Our overall strategy is based on strong values around quality, sustainable development and ethics.

We undertake to supply high-quality products that are safe to use, respect the environment and conform to quality and safety standards in line with applicable law, and to provide all information needed for the proper use of these products.

At HEXIS, we have taken measures and made significant investments to limit the impact of our activities on the environment while maintaining high levels of economic performance and corporate social responsibility.


Our industrial solution

Thanks to innovation, reactivity, flexibility, HEXIS support you to succeed in all your projects.